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Art galleries for art collectors Kampala

Art Galleries for private art collectors in Kampala city

5 of the best art galleries for art collectors in Kampala city. Visit top art galleries in Uganda.

The arts are all be around us no matter whether we perform them or not. In any way such as acting, playing an instrument, painting or trying to discover them in festivals, theaters, art galleries and museums.

Want to know about Ugandan cultural traditions or find where artists make their artworks from. Whether traditional or contemporary, the best Ugandan arts and crafts are found in the capital and largest city, Kampala. The city is 36 sq.km (1-hour drive) from Entebbe international airport. You can start or end your trip from both of these cities. But, if you intend to collect Ugandan art and crafts, Kampala is a better place.

Arts in Uganda

The kind of artworks in Uganda range from paintings, metal works, mixed media to sculpture, batik and textile. Through these, it’s possible to interact and engage with the rich history and tribal heritage of Uganda. Consisting of over 50 indigenous tribes, the Pearl of Africa is one the most ethnically diverse countries in the world. The artworks depict the different customs and traditions evident in the diverse cultural background of the artists themselves that produce the art pieces. You can also go around and take sometime to do personal painting or drawing.

Cultural Tours Uganda

A cultural tour of Ugandan arts and crafts offers private visits to art galleries, markets and shops. Therefore, short city tours tend to be better especially for art lovers. However, those looking for travel further a long safari to the remote villages is recommended. It allows you to meet local people. For example, Kidepo Valley National Park is giving you a rural Africa experience.

Uganda Art Galleries, Paintings
Ugandan painting (c) courtesy Alamy

Top 5 art galleries in Kampala for art collectors

Nommo Gallery

The National Art Gallery of Uganda is located on plot 4, Victoria Avenue Nakasero hill next to Italian Embassy. Nommo Gallery was established in 1965 just two years after Uganda’s independence. It’s one of the pioneers of art in Uganda and has hosted several art exhibitions. For example, the Millennium Art Exhibition in 1999 and the fine art exhibition on nudity an event that gathered 45 artists and 91 artworks making history on the Ugandan art scene.

Despite its old age, Nommo gallery of the 21st century is still that good old place that art lovers should visit. The artworks exhibited there are vibrantly alive and fresh defiant of their old age. They range from paintings, metal works, mixed media to sculpture, batik and textile of both Ugandan and foreign artists.

Okapi Art Gallery
At this art gallery, you’ll find paintings that evoke Ugandan natural landscape.

Tulifanya Art Gallery
Welcome to Tulifanya art gallery if you’re looking for precious gems, sculptures and fabrics that are sustainable compared to other artworks such as recycled paper and canvas oil.

Cassava Republic
Located on plot 8 Bukoto street Sure House, Cassava Republic offers a variety of wall arts such as paintings, framed prints, wood prints among others.

Gallery Café
The artworks featured at Gallery Cafe include walking sticks, curved stools and wall hangings and sculptures. It also has oil paintings, batiks and sculptures from Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and West African countries such as Ghana.

Bonus tip
Visit the National Theater African Crafts Village. It’s a nice places to collect priceless artworks at fair prices. In addition, other centers to buy African artifacts in Kampala include Banana boat, Friday craft market, Exposure Africa and Uganda Crafts 2000 ltd.

Cultural Preservation in Uganda

Uganda is a member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 1987 and it has 3 sites.

UNESCO sites in Uganda

  • Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park
  • Rwenzori Mountains National Park
  • Kasubi Royal Tombs

The country has put measures in place to preserve her cultural heritage. The Uganda National Museum in Kamwokya Kampala has over a million collection of artifacts. The Institute of Heritage Conservation and Restoration at Makerere University in partnership with United States of America Embassy. They are preserving Uganda cultural heritage through the following ways:-

  • Preservation of ancient bark cloth traditions in rural Uganda
  • Documentation of Historic Buildings in Uganda
  • Conservation of Nyero Rock Art in Kumi District
  • Training in the Preservation of Ethnographic Objects at the National Museum of Uganda
  • Restoration of the Fort Luba Thurston Memorial
  • Documentation of Acholi Cultural Sites and Practices

More about Arts and Culture in Uganda

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