Best birding spots in Uganda

hardcore birding spots in uganda

The 10 best birding spots in Uganda for enthusiastic and special interest birders. There are 1082 birds in Uganda. For the most adorable and easy to see, the grey-crowned crane is on the national flag and coat of arms. But, the hardest to find are African green broadbill, short-tailed warbler, green-breasted pita, shoebill stork and Fox’s weaver. Those intending go in search of the above species, here are 10 best hardcore birding spots in Uganda.

best birding spots in Uganda

Best birding spots in Uganda

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

First off, is Bwindi forest in south-western Uganda. For most visitors, gorilla trekking is the main reason to visit Bwindi forest. But the park, with 357 bird species recorded of which 10 are globally threatened and 23 Albertine Rift Endemics. It’s one of the best birding places according to Africa Bird Club. There are four sectors of the park and best recommended are Buhoma and Ruhija. The latter has Mubwindi Swamp and Rwamunyonyi peak that are home to African Green Broad-bill, Strange weaver, Dusky Crimsonwing and Rwenzori turaco. In addition, the Ivi River trail in Buhoma the headquarters of Bwindi forest provides better chance to search for Chapin’s fly catcher, short-tailed warbler, northern-double collared sun bird, Archer’s robin chat, Stripe-breasted tit, Handsome francolin.

Semuliki National Park

Semuliki National Park has 450 species of birds which is almost 40% of the total bird count in Uganda. Remarkably, Semuliki forest is an extension of the great Ituri Congo Basin Forest in western Uganda. Therefore, it offers many central African birds such as Congo Serpent eagle, Piping horn bill, Nkulengu rail, Orange weaver and black-wattled horn bill. Further, Semuliki is home to 44 Congo-Guinea species.

Murchison Falls National Park

Also among gthe best birding spots in Uganda: The protected area at the end of the Albertine rift valley has 460 species of birds recorded. Birding in Murchison falls is done by Nile River boat cruise, game drive and nature walks. In particular, the park provides home to the Shoe bill Stork. Also, there are 11 of the 44 Congo-Guinea Biome species, 4 of 12 Lake Victoria Basin Endemics and 3 of the 32 Somali-Masai Biome species.

Besides birding, the park has excellent opportunity to encounter elephants, buffaloes, hippos, Rothschild’s giraffe, lions and leopards. Several antelope species such as Jackson’s hartebeest, oribi, waterbucks are found in the park.

Kidepo Valley and Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

For Uganda bird watching tours in search of Somali-Masai Biome species of birds. Visit Kidepo Valley National Park or Pan Upe Wildlife Reserve. These areas have to be included in the best birding spots in Uganda. Both of these protected areas found in semi-desert Karamoja region, north-east Uganda. They form part of the Somali-Masai savanna grassland.

Somali-Masai species of birds are mostly found in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve. These are Somali-Breasted bunting, Bristle-crowned starling, three-streaked tchagra, Hemprich’s hornbill, pink-breasted lark, Acacia tit, Hunter’s sunbird, yellow-billed shrike, yellow-vented eromomela, buff-breasted bustard.

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