Honeymoon Safari Uganda

honeymoon safari destinations in Uganda

Honeymoon safari destinations in Uganda offer a chance to track mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. Uganda is giving you a wildlife and adventure filled honeymoon vacation. Safari game drives and boat trips with opportunity to encounter elephants, tree climbing lions, leopards, Nubian/ Rothschild’s giraffes, hippos and buffaloes. Enjoy in particular the adrenaline rush at the source of the Nile River in Jinja city – the “Adventure Capital of East Africa”. Furthermore, visit Sesse islands secluded beaches in Entebbe, Lake Victoria or the islands of Lake Bunyonyi for relaxation.  

Honeymoon vacation in Uganda Vs Kenya and Tanzania

Focusing only on aspects of wildlife tourism

Places like Masai Mara National Wildlife Reserve and Ngorongoro Crater are great for honeymoon vacation. Because of the Big Five, great multitudes of wildlife, better guides and luxury properties. But you have less options to do other than a walking tour of the Masai village, game drives and hot air balloon safari. Furthermore, safari vehicles often crowd each other in a whirl of confusing animal sightings such as the peak season Mara River wildebeest crossings.

On the other hand, the 10 national parks in Uganda give you a variety of things to do in less time. For example, you can combine gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking with safari game drives and boat cruises. You get the experience of the African Savannah wilderness and tropical rain forest without the crowds. Uganda safari accommodation is for every kind of travel style, taste and budget.

Honeymoon safari destinations recommendations in Uganda

For a wilderness experience, we invite you to come and spend a period of harmony together in Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve near Lake Albert. Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Parks. Both of these parks and safaris are in western Uganda.

Furthermore, go off the beaten path with a flying adventure to Kidepo Valley National Park and Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve in Karamoja – Uganda’s semi-arid region. It’s the opposite of the west in regard to wildlife, scenery, culture and habits.

Honeymoon in Uganda with a rush of adrenaline and relaxation

Visit Jinja city “the Adventure Capital of East Africa???. Jinja is giving you a boat cruise at the source of the Nile River, white water rafting, bungee jumping and river tubing. Furthermore, resort to relaxation at Samuka Island and Tongolo island beach resorts. From there, you can embark on day trips and Eco-excursions such as boat trips on Victoria Nile and spot fishing.

Sesse islands secluded beaches Entebbe, Lake Victoria

Africa’s largest freshwater Lake Victoria in Uganda is giving secluded islands and beaches. Visit Sesse islands off the shore in Kalangala district accessible only by ferry, speed boat or motorized canoe. Or stay in Entebbe town with endless things to do. For example, visit the National Botanical gardens, Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) or take a bird watching day trip to Mabamba swamp.

Honeymoon vacation with mountain gorillas and chimpanzees

Gain lifetime memories in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla and Kibale Forest National Parks. To give you once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experiences such as mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trekking and golden monkey tracking. Normally, after one of the primate trekking activities what you need is some rest and relaxation. The islands of Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda, Lake Mulehe or Lake Chahafi are easy to reach.

Trekking honeymoon safari destinations in Uganda

Go trekking in Uganda on your honeymoon vacation. Visit Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and hike Mt. Sabinyo, one of the 8 Virunga volcanic mountains. Sabinyo along with Muhabura and Gahinga volcanoes offer day hiking Eco-excursions.

For long treks, go the Mountains of the Moon. Also known as Rwenzori Mountains National Park is one of the 3 UNESCO world heritage sites in Uganda. Mt. Rwenzori has 6 peaks of which 3 are covered by permanent snow. Margarita is Africa’s 3rd tallest peak at 5910 meters above sea level. It takes 8 to 12 days to reach the summit depending on individual trekking ability.

Hiking Mount Moroto and Mount Kadam in Karamoja region. These are dry mountain ranges near Kidepo Valley National Park in north-eastern Uganda near the border with Kenya and South Sudan. As such the scenery is different as are the people and wildlife such as cheetah safaris and Somali-Masai Biome Bird watching. You will have a tour of the Karamojong community whose lifestyle is centered around cattle grazing more or less similar to the Masai of Kenya and Tanzania.

Honeymoon safari in Uganda by flying adventure

Airfield Uganda
Pakuba Airstrip, Murchison Falls National Park

The types of aircrafts used in Uganda include helicopters, gliders and microlights. They carrying capacity of gliders and microlights starts from 3 seats, 4 to 6, 7 to 14, 15 to 20 and 21 plus seats. Airstrips are found in Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls National Parks and Kidepo Valley National Parks. Bwindi impenetrable forest alone is served by two airstrips including Kihihi in Buhoma and Ruhija (north) and Kisoro for southern part of Bwindi (Rushaga and Nkuringo).

See western and northern Uganda from the air with flying adventure. You will have road transfers between airstrips and national parks as well as during safari game drives.

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