Nile River Bungee Jump Uganda

Bungee jumping in Uganda

Nile River Bungee Jumping Platform
Nile River Bungee Jumping Platform, Jinja (c) courtesy

Often wondered how long the Nile river bungee jump is. Now you know, it is forty four meters. Though, not close to the highest in the world, its initial descent is quite fast and causes you to bounce back and forth several times with option to touch the waters down below the river. After the jump, you will be lowered into a raft and float to the other side. The bungee jump cost is $155 per person available for booking through tour operator.

Attractions and things to do in Jinja

Besides the Nile river bungee jump, Jinja situated along the Nile River offers several fun and adventure activities. In this tropical city, there are several things to do such as white water rafting, kayaking, river tubing and water massage at Busowoko waterfalls. Day trips out of Jinja are available to Samuka and white water lodge.


Jinja meaning rocks in English and this former fishing village became an industrial hub driven by Indians that stayed in Uganda to service the Uganda railway. Following independence, when president Idi Amin captured power Indians were expelled out of the country leaving the industries to crumble. But due to presence Bujjagali hydro power dam, the business picked up and now Jinja is laid-back city of old Indian architectural and narrow streets at the northern shores of Victoria Nyanza. Major industries include the Nile beer breweries and textile.

Source of the Nile River: The most popular thing to do is to visit the spot where the Nile River begins by motorized canoe cruise to a small rocky island for photo-shoots. This spot is frequented by many locals on weekends so get the timing right. Early afternoons and late evenings for those spending overnight visits are the best time for a cruise. Enjoy the view of Nile, birds and also check out the historic John Speke and Mahatma Gandhi monuments, Nile park and gardens. Source of the Nile boat cruise cost is $15 per person plus entry fee of 5000UGX.

Busowoko falls: Situated 19 out of the town, Busowoko waterfalls is a place to relax and enjoy the view. Busowoko has remained untouched given because its of location far from the Bujjagali hydro dam. The waterfalls massage will take your breath away. River tubing is also available so go there with own drinks and eats to fill yourself up. Cultural dancers often gather to entertain guests giving you an interaction with Busoga and Buganda culture.

IMG Bungee Jump Jinja
Bungee Jumping at Jinja (c) Dixon Newman

White water rafting: After construction of Bujjagali hydro-power dam in 1952, there was little hope for rapids to survive. Luckily, a 25 stretch of Class V and IV rapids remained downstream and provides the best white water rafting experience for both experts and beginners. Rafting is available for half or full day rafting excursion from Kampala city and cost $150 per person. The price covers breakfast, lunch, photos and transfer to the start point. Raft Uganda provides experienced river local guides ensuring your safety.

Reptile Park: This park at the spot where Nile River flows out of Victoria Nyanza has a collection of small and large reptiles such as African rock python, crocodiles, cobras and monitor lizards. Get up close with these beats and learn about the charity work at the park and the geography of Jinja.

Quad biking: Quad bikes are available to rent and you pay per hour and distance covered. For instance, 1 hour quad bike excursion cost is $55, $85 for 2 hours and $105 for 3 hours. Biking takes place off-road giving a thrilling rides, scenery and encounter with local village life.

Spot fishing: Jinja was formerly a fishing village an local people who live around there still practice their tradition. It happens every day due to abundance of fish such as Nile perch, Tilapia, Tiger fish, silver fish and mud fish. In the same spirit that if you want to travel like a local in Uganda then visit Jinja and go for fishing excursion on the Victoria Nile.

Where to eat and stay in Jinja

Wild Water Lodge: Set on a private island surrounded by the Nile River, Wild waters lodge provides 10 deluxe cottage accommodation. Stay enjoy the sounds of rapids, cool breeze and swim in the natural water pools.

Camp Culture Ug: This campground is along the road from Bujjagali dam to Busowoko falls. Enjoy nice lunch in the wild and fill up before heading to the water massage. Camp culture features camping site and restaurant that prepares local foods only.

Source of the Nile Park and Gardens: Great place to camp whilst looking at the Nile river waters down below.

Food Basket Restaurant: Situated in town, this restaurant offers both local and fast foods and is convenient.

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