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Pian Upe Bush Walk

Pian Upe Bush Walk. See a different side of Uganda in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve. The 2275 sq.km semi-arid wilderness area sits at an altitude 1,086 m – 3,065 meters above sea level 168 miles north of Mount Elgon, Uganda’s 2nd tallest mountain range. Here in Karamoja sub-region, the natural climatic conditions are so favorable to the semi-nomadic Nilotic – Speaking Karimojong cattle keepers but not good for cultivators. For the driest and poorest sub-region in the country that it was once known as the unforgotten corner of Uganda. Being called so means that the area is unique in it’s own right from the scenery, wildlife and local ways of life that you might not see anywhere in the west.

The recent Uganda government plan to industrialize Karamoja is geared towards getting people stop working only for the stomach. “When you want new hair, do you burn your head? of course not. There are still real rural settlements known as Manyattas which share habitat with wildlife in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve. It’s not that the Karamojong Development Plan (KIDP) is attempting to convince them to abandon their traditions but rather solve the long standing problem of cattle riding conflicts, hunger, water scarcity, poverty, improve infrastructure and reduce illiteracy. Though still under development, the future looks good in the semi-desert land.

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The Karamojong still preserve their ancient customs.

The essence of Pian Upe bush walk doesn’t only provide chance to spot wildlife such as Cheetahs, Ostrich, Roan antelopes, white-eared kobs, baboons but also to introduce you to the history and present way of life in Karamoja region. The Pian Upe bush walk is one of the new Uganda wildlife trails along with the Grassland Chimpanzee Walk in Toro Semuliki Wildlife Reserve. The bush walk begins at the Morujore Uganda Wildlife Headquarters of the and leads through savanna to the reserve’s caves. There are vantage points along the trail where the view of the wilderness, Moroto and Kadam dry mountain ranges is most spectacular.

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