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Pian Upe Bush Walk

The best bush walking safari in Karamoja, north east Uganda

Pian Upe Bush Walk is one of the activities to do in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve. The protected is located in Karamoja, a semi-arid region of north east Uganda. Karamoja borders with South Sudan and Turkana county in Kenya. It is inhabited by Nilotic speaking semi nomadic communities including the Karamajong, Dodoth, Jie, Pian, and Ik. On this bush walk, you will search for cheetahs, roan antelopes, ostriches, and white kobs. In addition, you can hike Mount Kadam 3,065 meters, a volcano found within the reserve. or go outside the park and visit the local homesteads, which are still some of the most rural villages in Africa.

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Deserted Karamojong homestead on the slopes of Mount Moroto (c) courtesy.

The essence of Pian Upe bush walk doesn’t only provide a chance for bush walking safari but also to introduce you to the history and culture of the Karamojong. The bush walk begins at the Morujore Uganda Wildlife Authority Headquarters. From there, it leads you through savanna to some caves and rock outcrops to get grand views of the area.

Other bush walks and safaris around Pian Upe

Besides this walk, other destinations to visit in Karamoja include Kidepo valley national park. The park’s Narus valley can also be explored on a mountain bike with a ranger. Rides are available from 2 hours, half to full day.

Mount Moroto is another volcano to hike despite your inexperience in mountain climbing.

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