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Sport Fishing in Uganda

Lake Victoria and the Nile River are key locations for sport fishing in Uganda. The two freshwater bodies are home to over 20 fish species including Nile perch, the largest and most important fish for the sport it affords anglers. A “91Kg Nile Perch was caught recently by Wild Frontier Team on the Nile at Murchison Falls National Park. Besides the Nile perch, there’s fishing for rainbow trout at Sipi River in Kapchorwa (Uganda’s Land of Champions) eastern Uganda. There are claims that a 240 kg fish was once caught in Sesse islands, Kalangala district Lake Victoria. Therefore, on sport fishing tours in Uganda, you can beat this record as well.

Get answers to some of the questions that you might be asking in regard to planning your sport fishing tour in Uganda.

Is it safe to fish in the areas where crocodiles and hippos are present?

Yes. With the help of Wild Frontier guides, safety is assured at spots like Paara and Karuma falls. The fishing boats stay in the shallow banks of the Nile river. You are not required to enter the water.

Why do you catch and release the Fish?

Only in conservation areas like Murchison Falls is it legal to catch, weigh, and release the fish back into the water. However, you can catch and dissect at other locations, such as Jinja and Lake Victoria.

Are there other species of fish apart from the Nile Perch?

Besides the Nile perch, other tropical fish species include Tilapia, black catfish, giraffe catfish, Sudan catfish, butter catfish and true large scale tetra. People prefer the local fish for food, medicine, and cultural purposes, particularly among the Baganda. For instance, Silver fish (Mukene) is nutritious for mothers. Seeing how locals catch their fish is fascinating. For instance, the practice of fishing with a lantern is still practiced. The fish are drawn to light during the night.

Can Fishing be done all year?

The guides will help you look for your next catch any time of the year. But, December to February and June to October is the best time to carry out fishing tours in Uganda.

What to bring

All fishing should ideally be done with a professional guide to ensure safety and maximize chances of success. Just contact us for any further questions. Fishing permit cost is $50 available for booking through Uganda Wildlife Authority or tour operator. On top of that, you need to rent a boat at $300 for a half-day or $390 for a full-day depending on how many people are on it. Mid-sized boats accommodate 3 people utmost. Good luck fishing.

91 Kg Nile Perch on the Nile © Bentique on Twitter https://twitter.com/bentique3

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The annual Murchison falls fishing tournament

Every year, Uganda hosts a competition in sport fishing at Murchison falls national park. UWA invites those intending to participate. The 2023 tournament attracted 68 anglers clustered in 21 groups. On the freshwater of the Nile River. A total of 1672.4kg of fish was caught and released back into the water. There’s an improvement in the net catch compared to last year’s 972kgs.

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