Uganda Safari City Breaks

Uganda Safari City Breaks

Travel to Uganda, there are two safari city breaks where you’ll likely start or end your trip. These are Entebbe town and Kampala capital city. Entebbe constitutes the only international airport of Uganda on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. Kampala is the capital city situated 36 (1-hour drive) south-east of the airport. Both of these cities are in central Uganda while most of the national parks and safaris are in the western region. For that reason, you might need to allow a day after arrival before you can travel to the parks.

It’s helpful to know where will you spend the first or last day of your trip. Comparing Entebbe and Kampala as Uganda safari city breaks.

Uganda Safari city break in Entebbe

You can already picture that its more convenient to stay in Entebbe immediately on arrival or departure. Because it’s right on the shores of Lake Victoria, Entebbe is the ultimate Uganda safari break for tropical lake lovers.

Opportunities for relaxation and laid back pace of life

For example, sunset boat cruise to the equator. A visit to Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is best done early in the day. Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) and National Botanical Gardens all are in Entebbe town. Uganda has beaches and plenty of them are in Entebbe such as such as White Sands Beach and Imperial Resort Beach. There are restaurants, bars serving food and drinks and these are a favorite among locals.

Day trip from Entebbe

Secluded Sesse island beaches

But, if you want secluded spots, you will reserve 3 days off Sesse Islands Secluded Beach holiday. The hardest decision for Sesse islands tour is when to go there. The ferry Mv Kalangala and MV Vanessa departs Entebbe daily at 2:00pm and lands to Sesse at 5:30pm. The following day, it will leave the islands at 8:00am and return to Entebbe at 11:00am. The idea of using of a speed boat is great. Because it will get you to Sesse within 90 minutes instead of three hours with a ferry.

Accommodation in Entebbe

Entebbe town is known to be one of the municipalities in Uganda with low poverty levels. But its not expensive when it comes to food and accommodation. With a variety of places to stay suitable for every travel budget and style which makes Entebbe town idea Uganda safari city break.

How Safe is Entebbe town?

The pace of life in Entebbe is laid back. You might not notice this right after getting out the airport because most taxis turn and load passengers from the airport stage which is next to Kitoro trading center. That of course is why we shall book for you a place to stay away from the main road or center. It might be isolated or tucked within a corridor of residential and hotels. The security in the town is guaranteed not because it has fewer than 80,000 inhabitants or most of the people are in aviation, civil servants, diplomats.

There are fishermen, casual laborers and traders too. But, the feeling of being safe while in Entebbe is more of a historical aspect. It was the place for administration of justice of the Kabaka of Buganda kingdom. One of the king’s chief called “Mugula” is known to have curved seats out rocks for the seating of the traditional legislators.

At the time rather in the late 1890s the British declared Uganda as their protectorate. Entebbe became the first colonial capital city and the state house was built for the governors. The capital was later shifted to Kampala but Entebbe remained as the official residence of the president of the Republic of Uganda to this very day. Entebe in English means “seats”. People visiting this place used to say that they were going to “Entebbe za Mugula’ or “Mugula’s seats???. Later it became common
to refer to the place simply as “Entebbe???.

Kampala capital city

What bows you mostly when you get to the city is the traffic jam. While the pace of life is laid back in Entebbe, Kampala is the opposite. As the economic hub, Kampala attracts 1.65 million people during day and therefore transforms into a vibrant nightlife scene. “Kampala is known as East Africa’s sleepless city” if you’re looking for Uganda safari city breaks with vibrant nightlife, it’s the place to be.

Kampala, however, got founded in 1890 when Capt. Fredrick Lugard established a fort on old Kampala hill as the headquarters of British East Africa Company. For his efforts must have been rewarding to see a hunting of hills and swamps transform into a town. Today, Kampala is known for the historical 7 hills. The Old Kampala hill offers aerial views of the city at Gaddafi Mosque. Mengo hill has Lubiri the palace and Bulange the parliament of Buganda.

Kampala offers a city break filled with contemporary arts, culture and history of Uganda

Some of the best sites to check out are Uganda National Museum and Uganda National Cultural Center for live theater shows on Friday nights. Outside the city is the Bahai temple, Kasubi Royal Tombs, Ndere cultural center for live cultural trope performances.

Kampala by Nightlife Experience : popular spots

Famous for its nightlife, the city offers a diverse range of entertainment establishments for every kind of pleasure-seeker. One of the half dozen places that have always lured expats and travelers alike is Acacia Avenue. There’s the popular Irish Pub Bubbles O’Leary’s and Big Mike’s. Other bars on the street that attract locals are Cassablanc and the Wink.


The vibes at Acacia are chick but if you head to Kabalagala area, the nightlife scene varies completely. Here the night clubs and bars are favorite among locals as well as people from Ethiopia, Rwanda,South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo. This area could be regarded as a benchmark of multiculturalism. Its also close to Gaba area which hosts Lake Victoria beaches in Kampala city.

Other popular nightlife spots in Kampala are Ntinda popular with students and Industrial Area which is flashy. The salsa nights and live performances are available in theaters.

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